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Museums Faizabad

Botany Museum

The Botany Museum in Faizabad, India, is one of the Museums in Faizabad, which have compelled the inclusion of the small town in Uttar Pradesh, into Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide. The Faizabad Botany Museum is a part of KS Saket Mahavidyalay in Faizabad.

Being based on the picturesque town of Faizabad, which is known for its illustrious history, a museum of Botany is somewhat an unusual place that you might imagine to come across. But on visiting the place you will be refreshed on viewing the things that you expected the least in this part of the world.

Faizabad Museum

The Faizabad Museum, Faizabad is one of the chief Tourist Attractions in Faizabad. The small town of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh is located 125 kilometers away form the State Capital, Lucknow. Faizabad is also situated 6 kilometers to the east of the historic city of Ayodhya. Hence the historical significance of Faizabad need not be explained further.

Faizabad Museum in Faizabad, India is unique museum in itself. The very location of the Museum of Faizabad, in the historic setting gives rise to an ample amount of pleasure in the minds of the tourists.

The Faizabad Museum, Faizabad is situated in Guptar Park, which itself is located near the Guptar Ghat. The Guptar Park is a famous site in Faizabad. According to a popular belief, Lord Rama is said to have disappeared inside the temple which stands in the center of the park.

Geography Museum

The Geography Museum in Faizabad, India, is located in the small and beautiful town of Faizabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Geography Museum, Faizabad belongs to the renowned educational institution of this part of the world, by the name of KS Saket Mahavidyalay.

KS Saket Mahavidyalay has also established museums on other fields of study like Botany. The most distinguishing feature of these museums is that unlike other museums, that primarily provide essential knowledge on history, Museums in Faizabad provide fascinating informations essentially on subjects other than history.