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Geographical status Faizabad

Faizabad city is located on the banks of river Ghaghra (locally known as Saryu).Total area of Faizabad District is 2,643 sq. km. The Latitude of Faizabad City: 26.47 N and Longitude of Faizabad City: 82.12 E. It is surrounded by Barabanki, Gonda, Basti, Ambedkar Nagar and Sultanpur districts. The national highway No.27 which connects New Delhi to Nepal is passes through Faizabad district. Average annual rainfall in the district is 1035 mm. Maximum recorded temperature in the district is around 43 degree Celsius and minimum recorded temperature is near about 2 degree Celsius.


The topography of Faizabad is comprised of alluvial soil, sand, gravels. The mountain, plateau and other geographical reliefs are missing as an entire district belongs to Gangatic plain. The general slope of relief is West to East and stretch is about 130 KM. The major river is Saryu, Marha.

Availability of Minerals

Faizabad district has almost nil minerals availability. There are only sand, building materials which are extracted from river Saryu.


In the Faizabad district the forest area is 3038 Ham, net area sown 134236 Ham, cultivable area 205199 Ham. As for as the form of natural vegetation in Faizabad is concerned, there are various types of trees like Sagon, Haldu, Sal, Shishaw, Tibau, Mahua, Bass, Neem, Jamun, Mayo etc. The types of tress are Tibau, Sakhu, Sal etc. Sandy Loam and clay are the types of soils found in Faizabad.