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Town Planning

Functions of the Town Planning Department :-

1. Spatial Planning of Municipal Corporation
   a. Development Plan
        Physical Planning
        Strategic Planning
   b. Micro Level Town Planning Schemes

2. Acquisitions
   a. Public Purpose
   b. Road Widening
   c. Betterment Charges
   d. Rehabilitation

3. Alignment - Road Widening
   a. Disposal of Land and Estate
   b. Development of Land
   c. Allotment of Housing, Shops & Offices
   d. Management of Pay and Use (Parking, etc.)
   e. Advertisement Rights

4. Development Control
   a. Disposal of Land and Estate
   b. Control of Hoardings
   c. Encroachment Removal
   d. Collection of Fees & Charges
   e. Hawking Zone

5. Special Projects
   a. Integrated Road Design
   b. Building Design